The Apple iPad 2 Is Here: Should You Trade Up, Stay Put or Switch Teams?

Apple iPad 2
Apple iPad 2

As expected, Apple unveiled the iPad 2 today. Like it does with all Apple products, the first rumors of this improved version started popping up as early as September of last year -- and now it has finally arrived.

The new version is 33% thinner, and .2 pounds lighter. On the inside, the iPad 2 adds two cameras, a gyroscope and a new dual core processor, which Apple claims will deliver twice the speed with the same power consumption as the current iPad.

It will launch with a Wi-Fi only version, as well as 3G versions for AT&T or Verizon. Prices for all models are the same as the old iPad. New accessories include a high definition HDMI adaptor ($39) and innovative smart cases that stay in place thanks to magnets ($39/$69).

The original iPad hit store shelves on April 3, 2010, and in "Apple years" that makes the current product horribly outdated. Of course, as with any new product release from Apple, there are bound to be some customers that are left disappointed -- many of the rumors from the past months included a lot of potential new features that didn't actually make it into this new iPad. Bottom line -- current iPad owners can stay put, upgrade to the new one or switch to a different brand.