Renters: How to Make Your Landlord Love You

"My landlord in the first place I ever rented was amazing," says Anya Novak, a nonprofit manager in Los Angeles. "So I was really taken aback when I got a landlord who never answered my calls, much less dealt with my problems."

Not all landlords and building managers are the kind that call and ask how everything is going. But that doesn't mean they can't turn into someone who does. A landlord, like anyone else, is going to be more apt to follow through with a person they like and respect. Although the old adage, "The squeaky wheel gets the oil" is a compelling one, the truth is, it doesn't matter how loud you squeak if a person isn't answering their phone to hear it.

Hiring a lawyer is a tricky, not to mention expensive and time-consuming proposition when trying to get your building manager to simply do his or her job. So first, try these tricks and see if a little good old-fashioned manipulation can help.