Five Scams to Avoid When Traveling Abroad

scams traveling overseas beware
scams traveling overseas beware

Online and other tech-based travel scams might get a lot of attention these days, but the Better Business Bureau is warning overseas tourists to watch out for certain low-tech, longtime ruses that play upon our learned behavior and lowered-guard while traveling for pleasure.

Consumer Ally recently reported on modern travel scams that work by parting would-be vacationers with "upfront" online payments to reserve a spot on a trip or email solicitations offering accommodations much nicer than what the traveler will actually get when he or she arrives.

Those are the kinds of dangers that can come up before you hit the streets of your chosen destination, no matter where that may be. The Connecticut Better Business Bureau, however, warns about the following five risks to vacationers, especially once they've set foot in a foreign country.