FarmVille Pic of the Day: Kathy's mysterious hedge maze

farmville pic of the day kathy hedge maze
farmville pic of the day kathy hedge maze

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Kathy, or Tdk4 on the FarmVille Forums, took a different approach to designing her farm. Rather than create a towering castle like Alessandro Matri did, she created a complex and fully functional hedge maze. While at first it doesn't appear to be as technical as other featured farms, creating such a beautiful and massive hedge maze is no simple task. The fact that it actually works as a maze is even more impressive.

Kathy's epic farm maze even has a story to go along with it:

"Once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess, who decided that she wanted to see which of her Unicorns would deserve the pleasure of sitting by her side, so with the help of her farmhands, she created a maze. Oh which one of her fabulous unicorns would win, she couldn't wait to see. Would it be her sparking candy cane one, or her magical white one or would it be the mystical pink unicorn. Only time would tell, so she let the race began, and all of the animals watched on with envy and tried to figure out who would win this honor. Who do you think will win? To be continued..."