FarmVille: Free Fuel and Double Mastery Events going on now


Two small updates launched in FarmVille this evening, but both will be greatly appreciated by long-time fans. First, the rest of this week (starting with Tuesday) will be called Free Fuel Week, where all users that login to the game consistently will be rewarded with free fuel just for doing so.

This first prize for the first day of Free Fuel week is a single can of fuel. Login tomorrow and you'll likely receive two cans. Login on Thursday and you'll receive three and so on. It's definitely a great prize for those that login consistently anyway, so make sure to do so for the rest of this week to claim your free black gold.

The second update will see you putting your free fuel to good use, as a 48-hour Double Mastery event has been launched in the game. As with all double mastery events, this will allow you to earn up to three points of mastery for every single square of a crop that you harvest, if you combine this automatic double mastery bonus with an activated bushel. You only have 48 hours to make the most of this event however, so make sure to plant as many crops as you can in that time. As for me, I think I have some two and four hour crops that are just screaming to be planted during this time. How about you?

Which of these events do you appreciate more - the free fuel, or the double mastery event? Let us know in the comments.