FarmVille Animal Sneak Peek: Green Patch Cow, Green Patch Calf, Fawn, & More


Today has been a good day for unreleased images in FarmVille, as we've come across not one, not two, not even three - but five new animals that will apparently be making their way into the game in the near future. It looks as though at least three of these animals are givens for inclusion in the St. Patrick's Day theme, with those animals being the Green Patch Cow, the Green Patch Calf, and the Golden Goose.

While the Cow and Calf are fairly self-explanatory (obviously the Calf would spawn when the Cow is bred with a Bull in a Dairy Barn), but the Golden Goose will likely hold a place in the Pot of Gold for this year, due to its color. Either that, or this is just a huge coincidence, but we're going with the former for now.

As for the other two animals, they are the Baby Alpaca and the Fawn (a female deer). We have animations of these two animals in action behind the break, so make sure to meet us there.

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