Top 25 Facebook games - March 2011

Top 25 Games March 2011
Not too many surprises here, folks. Inside Social Games brings us the 25 most popular Facebook games for March, thanks to AppData. Zynga holds the first six slots with CityVille leading the pack despite a drop worth over 3 million players to 94.8 million. Treasure Isle was knocked out of seventh place by Digital Chocolate's Millionaire City this month, a game that actually lost monthly players--just fewer than Treasure Isle's bleeding out worth 1.8 million players. In fact, there are gashes across the board with nine games losing at least 1 million.

Despite the bloodshed (last one, promise), LOLapps and Ravenwood Fair are the true winners in March. While they're in 11th place, Romero's first social game gained nearly 3.7 million new players in Feb. alone for a total of 10.9 million. The second largest gain was by Monster Galaxy by Gaia Online, which roped in another 1.4 million players and is a newcomer to the list.

The only other newcomer in this month's top 25 is Monster World by Wooga. The game, in 24th place, gained 456 thousand more players for a total of 6 million monthly players. While games are losing out all over the place, ISG reminds us that, at the end of the day, daily active players is what really matters. And CityVille has them in droves at 21 million while FarmVille, in second place by both measures, has 14 million daily players.

Regardless of how far CityVille falls, its competitors still have five games to chew through before they can even touch second place. In other words, it might take longer than previously thought for the ubiquitous city-builder to be dethroned. Especially considering most of the games on this list half the amount of monthly players that visit CityVille daily. It's an uphill battle, but if Ravenwood Fair keeps growing at this rate, it could at least put a dent in Zynga's domination of the leader board. Then again, we'll see what happens when the English Countryside in thrown into this mix.

What game or developer, if any, do you think can dismantle Zynga's hold on the top 25? Should companies even be bothered with the challenge? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.
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