Sheriff Allegedly Threatens Her Own Kid with Gun on School Bus

job interview It's one thing to be a strict disciplinarian, but even if your son has done something really obnoxious, you probably shouldn't follow him onto his school bus and brandish your gun at him -- especially if you're a sheriff's deputy in uniform. That kind of behavior can't help you get that promotion you're seeking. As a matter of fact, it could well cost this New Orleans officer her job.

It seems that a school bus driver was not impressed when 38-year-old Orleans Parish deputy Cotina Holmes boarded the bus her 16-year-old son rode, whipped out her pistol and began threatening the boy in front of numerous witnesses, mostly school-aged children. The bus driver called police to report the incident via cell phone as soon as the deputy got off the bus.

Deputy Holmes has been charged with one count of aggravated assault -- on her own child, and suspended from duty pending an internal investigation and the outcome of the inevitable court case, according to a press release issued by Sheriff Marlin Gusman.

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