New FrontierVille Collections: Flower Shop & Flower Gardening


Along with the release of the Flower Shop in FrontierVille today, we also see the game updated with two new collections to match. As usual, as with the release of any new building, we see a new collection released specifically for that building, but we also have a new collection dealing with raising the new flowers that are now available to plant and grow in the game.

The first collection is the Flower Shop collection, and this is the general collection that will be filled either when whacking the frame of the Flower Shop while building it, or when collecting your Daily Bonus from the Flower Shop once per day. The five items to be on the lookout for are:

Floral Wire
Bouquet Bow
Floral Foam
Gift Card

Collecting all five of these items will allow you to trade in the collection to receive 50 coins and a Flower Shop Sign decorative item which is only available (currently) through turning in the collection.

Meet us behind the break for details on the Flower Gardening collection, which is earned in an entirely different way.

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