New FrontierVille Badges: Florist & Gardener

Along with the release of the Flower Shop in FrontierVille today, we also see the launch of two new badges (achievements) to unlock related to the Flower Shop and the flowers you'll purchase/grow thereafter. The first badge is called the Florist badge, and it deals with the Flower Missions that are available to complete and repeat as many times as you'd like - in fact, that's how you earn this badge. It doesn't matter which of the four Flower missions you complete over and over again, so long as you do complete it.

The four badges in this series are rewarded after completing 4 Flower missions (it's easy to say "complete each of the four quests once"), 10 Flower missions, 20 Flower missions, and finally, after completing a whopping 50 Flower missions. If you have the patience to complete the same series of tasks over and over again, then congrats on eventually earning these badges. As you do, you'll be rewarded with Lilies, a flower that isn't available to purchase or plant directly.

Meanwhile, the Gardner badge is earned after tending to different numbers of flowers, so it's an entirely separate process from the Florist badge. You'll earn the four stages of the Gardener badge after tending to 25, 100, 250, and eventually 500 flowers. You'll receive the Flowering Cactus plant item as you go along. Just as with the Lilies, this Flowering Cactus is unavailable elsewhere in the game (as of this writing).

With so much to work on in terms of flowers in FrontierVille, you'll have plenty to keep you busy from now and a bit into the future. Let us know what you think of these new badges in the comments. Will you go out of your way to earn them, or will you simply let yourself earn them as you casually play the game?
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