My Polaroid TV Went Dark: Help Me, WalletPop!

polaroid tv problems
polaroid tv problems

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Q. I purchased a 37" LCD Polaroid TV in 2006 at Walmart. The total purchase price was $738, plus two years of warranty. In the last year, my TV has had some problems: The remote stopped working and the TV just turns off by itself sometimes. Then the TV went out completely -- no picture, no sound, not even the Polaroid image when the TV first comes on.

I contacted the company's technical support and the representative informed me that they had a lot of power failure problems with this model TV and that it can be fixed with a replacement part for $222. He said I could fix it myself with a screwdriver, and they would refund $100 back to me once I returned the old part. I asked what would happen if the same problem came up again and he said it shouldn't happen again, but if it did, I would have to purchase a new part again.

I have read tales from other people who are having the same problem with the same TV, and they say that after 90 days, their TV went out again. Why didn't Polaroid issue a recall on the TV if so many consumers were having issues with the product? Can you help me with this issue?
-- Latoria Chapman