Lunchtime Poll: FarmVille News Feeds: 'Like' 'em or leave 'em?

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The FarmVille forums have been buzzing for some time about News Feed posts and the infamous "Like" button. Apparently, players hold several different codes of ethics when it comes to the "Like" button and taking something from the News Feed. So much so that the thread is 21 pages long. Some interpret it as an abstract aspect of Facebook, "Liking" things because, hey, they genuinely like them. Others use it to notify others when an item is already taken, while some hate the button altogether as it muddles up their Feed and confuses them. The problem stems from the fact that "Like" is not a Zynga feature, but a Facebook one, meaning it truly is an interpretive practice when it comes to social games. So, we ask you, fine digital farmers:
FarmVille News Feeds: "Like" 'em or leave 'em?Market Research
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