Gallup Says Job Creation Highest Since '08

Job Creation Recent research by Gallup shows that job creation is the best it's been in three years. The latest findings from the famous pollsters show that 30 percent of employees nationwide say their employers are hiring and only 18 percent are saying that their employers are firing. This is a major improvement from a year ago, when 25 percent were hiring and 23 percent firing.

Region by region, the West showed the most improvement in February, with the percentage of employees there who reported hiring at their places of work rising to 29 percent from 26 percent, while the percentage of employees who said their employers are letting workers go fell to 19 percent from 21 percent.

While the West gets recognition for being the most improved region of the country, the South and the Midwest are the strongest regions in terms of the number of new jobs being created. According to Gallup, this is due to manufacturing in those regions, as well as exports and the high price of energy.

That's the good news for the working population in general. Things are not so rosy for state and local government workers, as you'll hear if you ever check up on national news. Last month (Feb.), 37 percent of state government employees reported that their organizations are letting people go, while only 19 percent said they were hiring. On the local government level, 17 percent said they were hiring, and 28 percent said they were letting workers go.

Spirits are lagging for state and local government workers in general, of course, mostly due to the intense disputes between budget cutters and employee unions fighting for survival. While state and local governments are attempting to produce viable budgets that won't send them careening into debt, their employees are clinging desperately to their jobs, benefits and bargaining power.

This just goes to emphasize the importance of the private sector in creating more jobs. "Given the continuing depressed conditions in the government job market, it is even more imperative that private-sector job creation remain a top national priority if the U.S. economy is going to avoid even higher unemployment and underemployment levels in the months ahead," says Gallup.

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