FrontierVille Flower Shop Missions: Everything you need to know

Along with the release of the Flower Shop building in FrontierVille comes two new quests dealing specifically with the new building's construction. This is an entirely separate mission duo from the flower missions you can complete after finishing the building on your land, as these two missions are simply about the construction process itself.

These missions are subject to change at any time, so keep that in mind. The first quest has you purchasing and placing the Flower Shop building onto your land, along with a couple of other tasks:

Place a Flower Shop
Clear 20 Wildflowers on Neighbor Homesteads
Harvest 20 Pink Roses

Luckily, the Wildflowers portion of this quest must be completed on neighbor homesteads, so just head to the land of friends that you know no longer play the game and take advantage. Meanwhile, Pink Roses are available to harvest after growing for 14 hours. The Flower Shop, finally, can be purchased from the store for 1000 coins and 100 Wood. Your rewards for finishing this first of two missions are a Fertilizer item, 200 XP, and a Sunflower Ready Boost.