FrontierVille Flower Shop: Everything you need to know

With Spring's arrival just around the corner, Zynga has kicked FrontierVille into a sort of Spring Fever with the release of the Flower Shop building. Well, perhaps building isn't the proper word, as this looks more like a cart, or stand, than an actual building - an object that you could easily see moving from one location to the next, wherever there were flowers needed.

The Flower Shop is slowly rolling out to users, so if you don't see it in your store, be patient, as it will come around to you soon. The shop itself can be purchased from the store for 1,000 coins and 100 Wood. You'll need to be at least level 20 to purchase the Flower Shop, but once you do place its base on your land, you'll need to whack the base 18 times (each whack costs 9 Wood).

Once you build the base, you'll need to go about the usual process of collecting items to complete its construction. This time around, we see an assortment of three older items and three new items to the game. Meet us behind the break to see what those items are.You'll need to collect 60 "old" items, and 40 new items. The older items are 20 each of Hand Drills, Paint Buckets, and Nails, while the new items come in the form of 10 Planter Boxes, 15 Planter Brackets, and 15 Fabric Awnings. The 10 Planter Boxes are received by posting a general news item to your wall in the hopes that friends will send them to you, while Planter Brackets and Fabric Awnings are earned through individual gift requests to neighbors.

Once you finish the Flower Shop, you'll be able to plant four new kinds of flowers in your game, which act similarly to trees or crops. Currently, there are Pansies (250 coins), Daisies (500 coins), Carnations (750 coins) and Tulips (1000 coins) available to grow, but we're told that when tending our flowers there's a chance that they could drop other, rare flowers that we'll also be able to plant. Each time you pay this purchase price, you will unlock that flower specific quest, which will award you with the flower in question upon finishing.

Flowers grow in actual planters, not as crop spaces on your land, so you'll need to find a place to house these new round planters while your flowers grow. Flowers grow over time, so you'll need to come back to them to make sure they haven't withered.

We'll make sure to bring you more images / information about this new building as it becomes available. For now, check out our guide to the two quests that come along with the release of the Flower Shop for something else to keep you busy while waiting for that darn Tomato Timed Mission to launch on your account.

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Have you received the Flower Shop in your game? What do you think of the ability to plant new flowers on your land? Let us know in the comments.
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