FrontierVille Flower Missions: Everything you need to know

As we told you in our guide to the Flower Shop building in FrontierVille, once you have constructed the building, you'll be able to access a series of four repeatable missions dealing with the four flowers that are currently available in the game - Pansies, Daisies, Carnations, and Tulips.

Each flower has a different repeatable quest, which will reward you with the flower in question for use in decorating your Homestead. These quests deal with collecting various items, harvesting trees or tending crops, and even completing collections, so I hope you're ready for an all-around test to earn these new reward items.

We have all of the details concerning these four new quests, so meet us behind the break for a look at how to finish them all, and the rewards you'll receive in the end.We'll start with the Pansies quest, which has three requirements:

Have 30 Planks
Harvest 20 Apple Trees
Collect 1 Fertilizer

As we told you in the Flower Shop missions themselves, you will receive Fertilizer items for finishing them, so hopefully, you will have held onto them long enough to get to this quest. Otherwise, you can ask for your friends to send you some via a wall post. Planks can be crafted inside the Covered Wagon, for 7 Wood and 250 coins each. Your rewards for finishing this quest are 100 XP and a potted Pansies.

Next, the Daisies quest has an entirely different set of requirements, but still nothing too overwhelming.

Complete the Manure Collection
Unwither 10 Neighbor Crops
Collect 2 Fertilizers

With all of the animals we've had to raise and sell in the game over the past few months, you likely have enough manure collectibles to complete that step, and if you've been playing the game for a long period of time, you likely have friends that have stopped playing that would have crops you could unwither. Now would also be a good time to check out users with Victory Gardens, as they would be guaranteed to have withered crops to tend to. Finishing the Daisies quest rewards you with 100 XP and a potted Daisies.

Moving onto the Carnation quest, you'll need to plant a few crops to complete this one, so I hope you have some spare land left on your homestead.

Clear 20 Debris on Neighbor Homesteads
Whack 5 Groundhogs
Collect 3 Fertilizer

Again, this is a fortunate situation, as you can travel to your non-playing friends' homesteads and clear their debris to easily complete this step. Meanwhile, if you're looking to quickly bring out Groundhogs, simply plant lots of Clover, as it can be harvested after five minutes. Finishing this quest rewards you with 100 XP and a potted Tulips.

Finally, the Tulips quest asks you to tend quite a few animals, and harvest quite a few crops, so I hope you have the animals on-hand, and the room to plant crops in order to complete it.

Tend 30 Pigs
Harvest 50 Clover
Collect 4 Fertilizer

As we said above, Clover is actually a great crop for quests, as it only requires 5 minutes to grow, and you can quickly be on your way. Meanwhile, you can harvest your own pigs at a rate of once every six hours in order to complete this task, if you don't have 30 pigs in total on your land at one time. Finishing this final flower quest rewards you with, you guessed it, 100 XP and a potted Tulip.

Again, all of these quests are repeatable, so feel free to do them as often as you'd like to continue racking up the free flowers and experience points.

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Let us know what you think of these quests in the comments. Are you a fan of repeatable quests in FrontierVille? We'd love to know what you think.
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