FarmVille Sneak Peek: Sour Apple Tree & Giant Sour Apple Tree


Two new trees are apparently going to launch in FarmVille in the near future, although their design doesn't really scream of a theme that they'd fit into. These two unreleased trees are the Sour Apple Tree and the Giant Sour Apple Tree. While it's most likely that these trees will be part of the Fairy Tale theme (as the theme also has the Caramel Apple Tree), we are purely speculating that at this point.

What we do "know," however, is that these new trees will be masterable, as you can see from the mastery signs pictured above. It's also practically guaranteed that the Giant Sour Apple Tree will be the level 2 tree that spawns as a Mystery Seedling when a regular Sour Apple Tree is placed into an Orchard.

Remember, neither of these trees are guaranteed to officially launch in the game, but if they do, we'll make sure to give you all of the details concerning their prices, availability and more, so keep checking back.

Do you like the look of this Sour Apple Tree pair? Let us know if you plan on adding one (or ten) to your collection in the comments.