EA offers indie Facebook game creators helping hand with EA Partners

Throwing Blind
Indie game developers always have great ideas, right? So, why not throw a bunch of them at Zynga the market and see what happens? EA announced that its EA Partners group will now provide funding and its resources to independent Facebook and mobile game developers, Social Times reports. Of course, EA will take a cut of said developers' profits for using the company's publishing prowess.

Developers who take EA on will have access to both Playfish and Chillingo, the publisher of Angry Birds stateside, for assistance. No one knows how big of a cut EA is talking, but surely developers will consider it plenty worthwhile to have a massive publishers vouch for them. Here's what CJ Prober, VP of Publishing and Product Management for Playfish, had to say of the news:
As a social gaming pioneer, Playfish helped shape the face of the Facebook platform through original titles and classic EA franchises such as Pet Society, FIFA Superstars and MONOPOLY Millionaires. Playfish is looking forward to continuing a tradition of innovation and quality by extending our publishing framework to a select group of independent game developers. Partners will be able to leverage Playfish's deep experience and expertise – as well as EA's vast third-party publishing resources – to enable them to achieve unprecedented success for their games on Facebook.
However, this move can't help but be seen as a last ditch attempt to put a dent in Zynga. (In their defense, who wouldn't at this point?) By odds alone, one of these indie social games has to catch on, right? Right? We'll see just that in a few months.

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