CityVille and Leveling Up: What's the point?

Leveling Up
Simply put, who knows. A large number of CityVille's players have reached the maximum level of 100 in Zynga's city-builder. What's worse is since Level 63, there has been nothing waiting for them but new titles. Energy doesn't even increase after Level 28 and Community Buildings have stopped coming in for the veterans since Level 60. CityVille forum user SirDadHellfire questions, "What is the purpose of leveling?"

Sure, millions play the game out of simple enjoyment, but as forum user PanALF says, "I like to be on top, so I'm pushing my level up. [The] only benefit I think is unlocking some buildings, but there is no other point to level up over 63." There you have it, folks. It's an issue that a litany of players is suffering: What's the point of leveling up anymore?

Levels for everyone!Honestly, there doesn't seem to be one yet. Leveling up in any videogame should mean something, especially those with a persistent element like social games. Achieving a level should feel like reaching a new height in the game with added features and powers. At the moment, leveling up in CityVille is just another number. Thankfully, Zynga realizes this and is likely working to fix it, but it will take time to make 37 levels of content worthwhile.

An ideal temporary fix would be to add small rewards (in addition to the Energy refill) to each level beyond 63. For instance, Level 64 rewards players with a free Tower Eats. Reach Level 65 and you're rewarded with an Expansion. (Side note: Expansions shouldn't have been tied to cash reserves at all. Wouldn't it feel that much better to receive an even bigger city each time you grew as a mayor? [Logistically speaking, maybe every other level?])

However, this doesn't solve the problem of leveling up too quickly. Frankly, too many tasks reward XP. Everything from harvesting crops to collecting from Residencies to collecting from Businesses rewards XP. One of two things needs to happen to slow this process down: Either fewer things reward XP or the XP required to level increases. The best route to solve the issue while maintaining that feeling of accomplishment? Replace XP in some places with more tangible rewards. How about allowing Businesses to randomly provide new decorations relevant to that type of business rather than XP when collected?

Either way, something must be done to improve the endgame experience past Level 63. If not, Zynga could soon lose a major portion of its 20 million plus daily players. It won't be much longer before these folks head elsewhere, and there's no guarantee that it will be the English Countryside.

Do you think CityVille is moving too fast? What do you think of leveling up past level 63? Speak up in the comments. Add Comment.
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