Bejeweled Blitz OK'ed by Australian politician for his employees

Bejeweled in the office
Caroline Beinke, an employee for liberal, Australian politician Victor Dominello has been given permission by her boss to play Bejeweled Blitz while on the job. According to the Sydney Morning Herald, Beinke needs a distraction to pass the time while taking long phone calls. How much do you want him for a boss?

"When I have long conversations on the phone to constituents it is my version of doodling, a mental chewing gum of sorts," Beinke said. That's odd, because PopCap's gem-buster gets pretty intense in my sessions. Regardless, Dominello said that it is alright with him if it's alright with the Speaker. "My staff work very very hard," Dominello said. "If they are sitting at their desk on hold to a department for 15 minutes, I do not have a problem with it."

Unfortunately, Legislative Assembly Speaker Richard Torbay said he would deny the approval, though he has yet to see it, according to the Sydney Morning Herald. "I put filters in place to stop staff accessing inappropriate websites in the Parliament and I do not think we should be paying people to play games, " Torbay said. Oh, lighten up, guy. We all need a break once in a while, right?

Not to mention this isn't the first time social games have crept their way into the political world, either. Bulgarian politician Dimitar Kerin was removed from his party last year for playing too much FarmVille. His defense? "He said he had reached only Level 40, whereas Daniela Zhelyazkova, a councilor from the rightist Democrats for Strong Bulgaria party, was already at Level 46."

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