Wishful Features: True in-game gifting in CityVille


As we seem to be receiving more and more CityVille quests that require you to have one or more of a particular collectible item, I've come to the conclusion that the game desperately needs a true in-game gifting feature. While adding an item to your wishlist and then posting that wishlist to your wall is one thing, the fact that the item disappears from your wishlist automatically after a single person sends you the item in question seems rather counter-productive.

What if you need more than one of the item you're asking for? What if one of your CityVille friends has 20 of that item that they're ready and willing to give to you, but now can't because it's no longer on your wishlist? Unless you monitor your game 24 hours a day, you might miss out on these important items that you clearly needed, or else you wouldn't have asked for them in the first place.

Imagine instead a game where you could simply head into your inventory and choose a particular item to send, in bulk, to any of your neighbors. FrontierVille has this system in place, and I use it all of the time - as do many of my neighbors. Wouldn't it be great if we could share excess decorations, or even excess energy with friends when we simply didn't need it? Isn't the point of Facebook games to be social? This would definitely be a new social feature, and I'd love to see it arrive in the game sooner, rather than later.

What do you think of the concept of in-game gifting in CityVille? What other changes would you like to see come to the city-building game? Let us know in the comments.