Runes of Magic is Facebook-bound, decrypts the future of MMOs

Runes of Magic
Frogster's premiere free-to-play MMO, Runes of Magic, is headed to Facebook in the second quarter of 2011. Runes of Magic will be the first major massively mutliplayer game to be released on the platform through Kalydo, but will unlikely be the last. Kalydo provides existing MMO games with a browser plug-in for the them to be played through networks like Hi5, Friendster and namely Facebook. According to the company (and us), its first effort with Godswar Online was a success, so it will be interesting to see how a major player in the genre fares with the transition.

Andreas Weidenhaupt, Chief Licensing Officer of Frogster Interactive, expects to see an increase in user numbers due to the simplified process of playing MMOs through Kalydo technology. However, Kalydo CEO Doki Tops has even higher expectations for his company's work:
This is the future of gaming. Players enter the game with a single click of the mouse instead of spending hours on a download and installation and get the exact same experience. We praise Frogster for recognizing this potential and taking a leading role with us in pioneering this massive new style of gaming.
The future of gaming? Possibly in the free-to-play MMO space, but certain game genres just wouldn't fit on Facebook. However, the guy has a point. How much longer are we as players going to pay monthly for persistent online gaming? The amount of free-to-play MMOs that take this route in 2011 could be staggering. Just watch out for those Facebook Credits.

[Image Credit: Frogster]

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