Mahjongg Dimensions Facebook game now on iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch


Mahjongg Dimensions made a name for itself on Facebook as a new take on the traditional Mahjongg tile-matching template, giving the game a 3D layout, asking you to rotate cubes in a full 360 degree circle to match symbols on the edge of those cubes. The faster you make matches, the more boards you clear within the game's time limit, and the more points you score.

Mahjongg Dimensions on Facebook has over 1.3 million monthly active players, according to the latest AppData figures, and Arkadium and Backflip Studios are hoping that fans of the game will be willing to pay to take that gameplay with them wherever they go thanks to the release of Mahjongg Dimensions on iPhone/iPod Touch and iPad.

Mahjongg Dimensions on iOS allows you to play the same gameplay that you've come to know and love on Facebook right in the palm of your hand, but with actual levels to complete. Your score carries on from one level to the next, and you aren't nearly as timed in this version of the game, as your overall timer starts at 5 minutes. While there is a free version of the game available to download from the App Store, the full game costs 99 cents, and contains 30 more levels than the demo.

The game offers Facebook connectivity, so you can show off your high scores to your friends back on Facebook, and contains full touch controls, allowing you to tap on blocks easily and quickly, and to rotate the board with a simple tap of your finger, as you'd expect. Mahjongg Dimensions has already been updated once since it launched on the App Store earlier this month, so Arkadium seems to be dedicated to making the mobile version as grand as its predecessor.

Let us know what you think of this new version of the game in the comments. Would you play the game if it didn't cost 99 cents?

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