Investing Tips for 2011 From Ratings Guru Martin Weiss

Martin Weiss - investing with martin weiss
Martin Weiss - investing with martin weiss

Watching any of the major indexes is like riding on a roller coaster. One day you're up, another day, you're down. It doesn't help that while companies are announcing record profits, the Federal Reserve expects unemployment to remain close to 9% throughout 2011.

Martin D. Weiss, author of The Ultimate Money Guide for Bubbles, Busts, Recessions and Depressions, told WalletPop in a telephone interview that he "foresees more bubbles and busts ahead."

"The first bubble and bust was tech stocks in the early 2000's and the second was housing. It looks like we're moving into a third one. We may see a bust as governments are forced to slash their budgets, lay off core personnel and reform pensions."

To protect yourself and your money, here are four steps he recommends to take: