FrontierVille reverts to original visiting neighbor window


Just last week, Zynga launched a new change in FrontierVille that added a "Visit" option to the menu that appears when you click on visiting neighbors on your Homestead. While this seemed like a good idea in theory, as it allowed you to quickly visit those neighbors who had helped you to return the favor, the problem lied in the "Visit" option's location, as it was placed at the top of the window, in the same spot that the "Accept Help" option formerly resided.

You can see where this is going - players were so used to clicking on neighbors and rapidly clicking on the first option available to accept help that they became frustrated when they were instead taken to that neighbors' homestead. At least, I know I became frustrated, and apparently I wasn't alone, as just as quickly and quietly as it launched, this change has been removed entirely. No longer will the "Visit" option appear first on the list; in fact, it's nowhere to be seen, taking us back to the basic menu we all know and apparently love.

It's possible that this option will return (make the most of its disappearance while you can), but somewhere underneath the Accept Help option, but even then it all seems rather moot. After all, how could you visit a neighbor's homestead after you have already accepted their help on your land (as they disappear afterwards)? At least this is one situation where Zynga seemed to learn that the phrase "if it isn't broken, don't fix it" sometimes really is all that needs to be said.

What do you think of Zynga's decision to remove the Visit option? Is it for the better? Should Zynga stop messing with this menu entirely, or do you think the Visit option should be in place? Let us know in the comments.