FrontierVille Find Rango Badges revealed with new decorations

Rango ClotheslineRango Statue
FrontierVille Info is at it again, and has found the details and rewards for a new set of FrontierVille Badges surrounding the upcoming Rango Goal. As it stands, players will have to find Rango nine times to complete the Goal, but for every third time he's found you will receive a Badge and a reward. Find him three times and receive 300 coins and a Fast Hands Boost. Find him six times to get another 300 coins and a Rango Clothesline. Finally, finding the elusive chameleon nine times will net you another 300 coins and a Rango Statue. More importantly, this gives us a good idea of what the little lizard might look like when he appears, so be on the lookout.

[Image Credit: FrontierVille Info]

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