FarmVille: Stock up on Gold from Leprechaun's Cottage - Pot of Gold coming soon?

For these past few days since the release of the Leprechaun's Cottage in FarmVille, we've known that we would be able to harvest Gold from the building (in anticipation of this year's Pot of Gold event), but we haven't actually been able to do so, until now that is.

Zynga has officially "flipped the switch," if you will, turning on the Gold formation from the Leprechaun's Cottage, so that now, when your tree is "ready" for the picking, you'll find Gold inside. You'll be able to celebrate this discovery by sharing some free Gold on your wall. Unfortunately, unlike with the Wishing Well, this isn't a case where you can force the Pot of Gold to spawn into your game by trying to use the Gold from your Gift Box - you'll actually have to hold onto all of your Gold pieces for just a while longer, until the real thing launches officially.

This does make us wonder - will the Pot of Gold be released sometime this week, or is Zynga just offering us a taste of the Gold to keep us waiting patiently for the Pot of Gold event to start? We'll be sure to give you all of the details about that event as it becomes available, so keep checking back.

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How many Gold pieces have you already accumulated? Let us know what sorts of prizes you'd like in this year's collection event in the comments.