FarmVille Mystery Game (02/27/2011): Best of Mystery Animals return


If you missed your chance at many of the FarmVille Mystery Games released over the past few weeks and months, you'll be happy to know that a selection of six of the "best" of the animals featured in those games have been brought back for another look in this week's game.

Quackers has restocked the game with animals ranging from ducks to owls, with even a big of magic thrown in. Here's the list of what to expect if you choose to purchase a dart this week for 20 Farm Cash:

Kung Fu Duck
Blue Duck
Amur Leopard
Great Eagle Owl
Asian Wild Horse
Pink Unicorn

The Pink Unicorn appears to be one of the rare items for this Mystery Game, so I hope you're feeling lucky if you're going after that particular animal. No matter which animal you'd like on your farm, you'll need to play quickly, as you only have a week to clear out the dart board of balloons before this Mystery Game resets, taking these six animals with it, replacing them with six entirely new items (potentially in a St. Patrick's Day theme?).

We'll make sure to let you know what next week's Mystery Game contains, but in the meantime, let us know which of these animals you're happy to see return to FarmVille in the comments.