Could FarmVille, FrontierVille give CityVille Factories a needed boost?

After perusing the CityVille forums, I've come to notice a general discontent with the brand new Factories feature. Several experienced mayors claim that the 10 percent payout bonus that premium Goods provide pales in comparison to what some well-placed decorations can. Frankly, the time and Energy costs are not worth it when forum users like buildingaworld can use one Energy to receive over 3 thousand coins from a Tower Eats in seconds. But tlclark2418 proposes a brilliant idea: Why not just use FarmVille and FrontierVille to farm our Goods?

HarvestBoth of Zynga's most recent games included farming as a major mechanic, and, quite frankly, it's silly. Why should players have to farm in every game, especially CityVille, the epitome of a capitalistic play style in a videogame? Industrialized nations import more Goods than any other on the planet, so why shouldn't this be realized in Zynga's biggest game? Here is an excerpt from tlclark2418's forum post:

"I would love to replace the farms with factories or at least reduce significantly the dependency on farms as they are required for supplying franchises," tlclark2418 writes. "I would have hoped that Cityville would eventually do away with farming as I grew very tired of that aspect of Frontierville and Farmville. Why not have an option to import goods from Farmville or Frontierville?"
In this player's perfect world, FarmVille players would have the option, when harvesting crops, to send those crops as Goods to CityVille. This would eliminate the need for farms altogether in the game and validate the existence of Factories. These new buildings would then serve as processing plants and storage for Goods to supply Businesses. Like we said, this works from a logical, real-to-life standpoint, but from others as well.

What if Zynga gave players the option to farm in either game, but each method had its advantages and disadvantages? For instance, importing crops from FarmVille would give more payout yet took longer to process, but farming domestically would be quicker with lower payouts. Each serves its own purpose, but also entice players to play both games more often when possible. It's not as if this would be impossible--FarmVille English Countryside will communicate with the original. Will you look at that-- a feature that would make for a more interesting game for us players while increasing player retention for Zynga. This is a win-win.

[Image Credit: FarmVille Idears]

What do you think of this idea to improve Factories in CityVille? What other ideas might you have? Speak up in the comments. Add Comment.
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