FarmVille Fairy Tale Decorations: Knight Gnome, Green Willow Tree, & More


As part of tonight's FarmVille update, we see the release of four new decorative items in the Fairy Tale limited edition item theme. These items are some of those that we saw in the latest Fairy Tale Theme Showcase video last week, and are split evenly between those that cost Farm Cash, and those that go for coins.

The premium items are the Knight Gnome (an accompaniment to the previously released Princess Gnome), and the Green Willow Tree. The Green Willow Tree is a fairly inexpensive item, as far as Farm Cash prices go, costing 6 Farm Cash and rewarding you with 600 experience points for purchasing it. The Knight Gnome, meanwhile, comes with the high price that we expect of gnomes, at 15 Farm Cash. You'll receive 1500 experience points for adding one to your farm.

Meanwhile, the two coin-only items are the Gumdrop Sprinkle and the Mermaid Fountain, which cost 8,000 and 240,000 coins, respectively. While it's not technically set up as one, the Gumdrop Sprinkle seems like it would be a perfect fencing for your other Fairy Tale items, as it is a skinny, rectangular object. Whether or not Zynga released them with that as the intentional design usage isn't clear, but it's an idea to keep in mind all the same.

These decorations will be available in the store for the next 14 days, so shop fast to ensure you don't miss them as they will expire from the store after that time.

Which of these new decorations are you most looking forward to adding to your farm? Let us know in the comments.