FarmVille Fairy Tale Building: Fairy Cottage


In the latest FarmVilleFairy Tale Theme Showcase video (the second in the series) we were given a sneak peek at a new building that we thought would be called a Fairy Tale Cottage. It turns out that this building was part of tonight's FarmVille update, but with its release comes a "name change," as the building is actually just called the Fairy Cottage.

The Fairy Cottage can now be purchased from the store for 15 Farm Cash, which is a downright bargain price when compared to many of the other Farm Cash buildings released in the game previously. This building is a compact one, holding a lot of decorations in a relatively small space (not much taller than your in-game avatar), but if you go through with purchasing it, you'll receive 1,500 experience points as a reward. Should you choose to sell the building later on, you'll only receive 7,500 coins in return.

This building doesn't appear to animate, but it is rather cute, so if you're interested, you have the next two weeks to pick one up for your farm before it expires from the store.

What do you think of this new Fairy Tale building? What other buildings are you hoping Zynga adds to the theme? Let us know in the comments.