Carmelo Anthony Shoots for NYC Rental

carmelo anthony
carmelo anthony

NBA star Carmelo Anthony, recently of the Denver Nuggets, swooshed into New York City last week after signing a $65 million, 3-year deal with the New York Knicks.

In his debut at Madison Square Garden, he contributed 27 points and 10 rebounds to the Knicks' 114-108 triumph over the Milwaukee Bucks. On Sunday, he out-LeBron'ed LeBron James of the Miami Heat in Miami, clocking in a 91-86 win.

Now Melo, as Anthony is known, is looking to rent a place in Manhattan in the "$30,000-a-month range," according to the New York Post. So far he has targeted 158 Mercer Street -- where Jon Bon Jovi lives -- and SoHo Mews at 311 West Broadway.

AOL Real Estate is doing its part to help. Check out our gallery of the Manhattan apartment buildings that Melo might consider.


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