Cafe World Renewed Renovations Goals: Everything you need to know

Back that beginning of February, Zynga launched a series of three "Free Renovations" goals in Cafe World, which offered users some pretty nice rewards for completing them - prizes that are normally only found in the game's store for Cafe Cash. Those goals apparently went over fairly well, as the "Renovations" series has been expanded with four new goals, called "Renewed Renovations."

The first of four new goals will only show up on your account once you have finished the first three goals in this series, so check out our complete guide to completing them if you still haven't made your way through them. As for this, once you're ready for what is technically the fourth mission in this series, you'll need to complete three tasks, which should look mighty familiar to those who finished the first trio of missions in this set.

Serve Eggs Benedict 14 Times
Cook Bacon and Eggs 14 Times
Ask for 10 Ladders

Eggs Benedict cooks in six hours, while Bacon and Eggs cooks in nine hours. While you're waiting for those dishes to cook, you can ask your friends for the ladders by clicking on Ask button and then sending individual requests to those friends that you think would be most likely to help you. Your rewards for completing this quest are 2 Stainless Wall Ovens, which are normally only available for 10 Cafe Cash.