Ask an Expert: Can I Include My Business E-mail on My Resume?

Criminal RecordAn AOL reader asks, "Would it be appropriate to include your business/work e-mail on your resume?"

Absolutely not. This gives the impression that you are conducting your job search on your current company's time. Employers may wonder if you will do the same thing to them one day. Create a professional e-mail address using some combination of your first and last name and stick with that. Save the business e-mail address for your current company contacts.

Along the same lines, another reader asks, "Would mention of a side business on a resume turn off a company?"

Yes, it would. Mentioning a side business may give a hiring manager the impression that you are only interested in sticking around until your side business takes off. Employers want to hire people they believe will be engaged in the work; not ones who look like they have one foot out the door from day one.

Here are a few other don'ts to remember when you are currently employed and in a job search:

  1. Don't use a company phone for job-related activities. And definitely don't send job-search related texts on a company cell phone.
  2. Don't use a company fax machine to transmit documents to a potential employer. (Fax machines have a memory and print out a confirmation on where faxes are sent.)
  3. Don't use a company copy machine for job-related activies. (Yes, people have been known to leave copies of their resumes and offer letters in company copy machines.)
  4. Don't discuss interview activity on your Facebook page when you are currently employed.
  5. Don't bad-mouth your current employer on social networking sites. You may end being shown the door sooner than you had planned for.

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