FrontierVille Great Tomato Race Timed Mission: Everything you need to know

Another new timed mission is available in FrontierVille, this one showing us just how evil those upcoming coyote varmints can apparently be - and showing us just how much they love tomatoes! The new timed mission is called "The Great Tomato Race" and it must be accepted on your land before March 28 in order to be able to complete it. You'll have seven days from the time of acceptance to finish this mission for your reward.

The story here is that coyotes have broken into the Jackalope Lodge's kitchen and drank all of their tomato sauce for the annual spaghetti dinner. You'll need to help the Lodge members out by gathering back all of the lost product so the spaghetti dinner can go on without a hitch. To do this, you'll need to complete three tasks:

Harvest 100 Tomatoes
Harvest 10 Neighbor Tomatoes
Collect 10 Sauce Pans
Tomatoes luckily only take 15 minutes to grow, so don't be frightened by such a large number (that is, you can plant them in waves if you'd like to not do it all at once, and still not take up much time). Meanwhile, if you know of any neighbors with Victory Gardens, this would be the great time to help them with their Tomatoes, as they likely have at least five planted for you. Finally, gathering Sauce Pans is as easy as posting a general news item to your feed, asking your friends to send you Sauce Pans. Luckily, this is a "give one, get one" setup, so it shouldn't be too hard to find friends that are willing to help you, since they'll be helping themselves in the process.

The rewards for completing the Great Tomato Race are 700 coins and one Cheese Wheel decoration. This Cheese Wheel is only available (currently) through completing this mission, so make sure to do so if you want it.

If you don't have this mission on your account currently, it might be due to the fact that you have the "Same Procedure as Every Year" mission still active (this is unlikely, since they don't seem to be directly connected). Either that, or the update simply hasn't rolled around to your account yet, so keep checking back to make sure you haven't received it. This mission IS active in the game however, so go ahead and stock up on Sauce Pans by helping your friends, and you'll be prepared for the mission once it does pop in to your game.

[Image Credit: FrontierVille Wiki]

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