Academy Awards Special: Working the Oscars

job interview The time is upon us once again: Hollywood's biggest night is just around the corner! For every filmmaker, writer, and director in Hollywood, it's a dream just to be nominated for an Academy Award.

All that excitement rolls down from the top. Just about anyone involved with the production of the Academy Awards seems to feel privileged just to be part of the event.

For many, working the Oscars is a memory they'll cherish for a lifetime -- regardless of whether they worked as a cameraman, stage hand, or even as a seat-filler.

Below we've collected some of our top Oscar-related content. Everything from the types of jobs it takes to pull off the event, to actual stories of people who have worked the Oscars. We even have some lessons on interview wardrobe gleaned from red carpet fashion.

interview 1. Academy Awards Jobs

Glitz, glam and garbage cans overflowing: These are all realities of one of Hollywood's biggest nights, the Academy Awards. Started in 1929, the Oscars, as they're more fondly known, bring leading directors, writers, and actors into the spotlight. But, who's making sure that the light works and shines in the right spot?

interview 2. Working at the Oscars

As an entertainment journalist, I've interviewed many famous faces in Hollywood -- Tom Hanks, Nicole Kidman, Demi Moore, Samuel L. Jackson, Richard Gere, to name a few. On the red carpet, I made Brad Pitt laugh out loud and got an on-camera apology from Angelina Jolie for not being able to speak to me.

I even had the audacity to ask two-time Oscar winner Hanks to get Kate Hudson to come over and talk to me. Replied the ultra-cool Mr. Hanks, "Why would she listen to me?"

3. oscarsConfessions of a Seat-Filler

Ever wonder what it would take to be a seat filler at the Oscars?

Just think how interesting it might be to swoop in, dressed to the nines, and sit where, say, Jeff Bridges, a best-actor nominee for 'Crazy Heart,' was perched a mere few seconds before. Regardless of whether the actor wins that coveted golden statuette, at some point, he is going to have to leave his seat during the ceremony ...

4.interviewInterview Wardrobe Lessons

Every year after the big celebrity awards shows, the pundits weigh in on the best and worst dressed of the evening, and Sunday night's Oscars was no exception.

Many of the popular style columns and blogs are already "dissing" Charlize Theron's breast petals, Robert Downey Jr.'s blue bow tie and sneakers, Diane Kruger's old-fashioned gown, and Jennifer Lopez's futuristic frock. And while an interview isn't quite the same as a walk down the red carpet, hiring authorities are paying ...

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