FrontierVille Same Procedure as Every Year Timed Mission: Everything you need to know


A new timed mission has been released in FrontierVille this evening, entitled "The Same Procedure as Every Year!" This mission will have you growing some crops and pigs to serve a welcoming dinner to one of your friends from the "Old Country." You must accept this mission on your land before March 21 or else you'll lose out on the 400 XP reward, and the Roast Pig decorative item.

You'll have a full week (that's seven full days) to complete this mission, which requires you to perform three tasks:

Sell 20 Adult Pigs
Harvest 40 Cabbages on your Homestead
Get 10 Dinner Bibs

As for the pigs, this is a fairly standard procedure - you'll have a week to either purchase enough baby pigs and then feed them until they are adults, or simply sell your already adult pigs outright. Cabbage, meanwhile, can be harvested after 16 hours, and finally, the Dinner Bibs can be gathered by asking your friends via a general wall post. This is a "give one, get one" scenario, so make sure to claim any Bibs that your friends post to speed up the process.

Again, if you can finish these three tasks in less than seven days from accepting the mission, you'll receive the 400 XP and the Roast Pig decorative item.

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Let us know what you think of this new timed mission in the comments. Do you welcome timed missions, or would you prefer lengthier missions to occupy your time?

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