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pet websites from sitejabberThe U.S. pet care industry was valued at $46 billion in 2009, which includes everything from food to toys to medication. Navigating the scores of websites trying to tap into this huge market can be bewildering, but SiteJabber users have identified a few to avoid.

Consumer Allypartner SiteJabber's mission is to help consumers avoid bad websites and steer them toward good ones, through positive or negative user reviews. And the SiteJabber community isn't shy about saying why they love or hate a particular site.So we asked Site Jabber for a list of five pet sites their users have warned other pet lovers to avoid. User complaints include over-billing, non-delivery of items and bait-and-switch tactics.

Here they are, including comments from readers, some of which we've edited for space constraints:

1. received 23 reviews and two stars from SiteJabber users. Here's what PJ D. said:
Horrible website ! Borders on Fraud ... Products are shipped from overseas but company is located in Blaine, Wash. and nowhere on the site does it tell you the products are not FDA-approved for use in this country. They represent themselves to be shipping products from the USA. I am waiting on two orders to be delivered so I can return them. They will not let me refuse delivery so they say I will not be refunded.
2. received 21 reviews and two stars from SiteJabber users. Here's what Tom G. said:
Do not buy from PetCareChoice uses bait and switch tactics. They offer steeply discounted pet medications -- after waiting their 2-3 weeks waiting period to receive their products, they turn out to be generic medications from India. They customer service is rude and uninformed and argumentative. If you ask a rep who owns PetCareChoice, the say they can't disclose that information. Very suspicious. If insanely cheap pet meds are too good to be true -- they are. Don't buy from PetCareChoice.
3. received 13 reviews and two stars from SiteJabber users. Here's what Donna M. had to say:
Frontline from Budgey Pet Care made my dog very sick. Two hours after applying it he was vomiting, disoriented, agitated, it was awful for about six hours and the vet was closed. Turns out the product is made in Australia with totally different ingredients, don't buy from this company, pay the extra money and order it from
4. received 7 reviews and two stars from SiteJabber users. Here's what Chris P. said:

I have contacted them numerous times as to the whereabouts of the meds I have ordered and have been told everytime that 'they have been sent', or are shipping out 'today' only to call again and get a different story.My dog needed his arthritis meds and I finally told them that if they could not get my entire order sent that they needed to split it and send what they had as I was down to cutting my dogs meds in half to try and stretch them to last until the on-line meds arrived.

5. received 40 reviews and two stars from SiteJabber users. Here's what Bailey K. said:

They took payment from me twice -- once in December when I purchased an item (please note it took them over a month to deliver my goods) and then they took the same payment amount months later which was unauthorised. Despite contacting them on numerous occassions to refund me, I have still not received a refund. I suggest you avoid this website, unless you are prepared to scrutinise your bank account each month.

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