CityVille Out of Town Birds Quest: Everything you need to know


Sneaky Zynga... While they announced that there were only two new buildings to unlock in the new Edgar and Ruth retail quests in CityVille, which also made it seem like there were only two new quests in total, it turns out the quest series lives on. Part III is called Out of Town Birds. While the first two quests saw you making helping Edgar and Ruth with dinner, and the second saw you helping Edgar find parking for an expensive car, this quest goes back to the birds (Ruth's birds), asking you to help them have some fun by exploring some of your neighbors' cities atop tour buses.

There are three fairly simple tasks to complete for this one, one being to collect a Shopping Cart collectible item. The Shopping Cart is part of the new Retail Collection, and can be earned by collecting from the new Tofu Burger and City Supermarket buildings. Don't worry if you have yet to start this quest set and don't own these buildings - you'll need to have them in your city just to complete the first quest in this now trio.

Another task in this quest asks you to supply your franchises three times. It doesn't matter which franchise you supply, or how many goods it takes to supply that franchise - simply supply three of your franchies in your friends' towns and this step will be complete.