CityVille Factories: Everything you need to know

Back at the beginning of February, we brought you a sneak peek of a "new way to play" in CityVille, concerning the eventual release of Factories in the game. While we didn't know when Factories would officially launch in the game, it turns out that that time is now, as you'll receive a Factory for free the next time you login to the game. Note: You must be at least level 13 to access the Factories feature.

This free factory comes by way of a new quest set called "City of Industry." Again, you will receive your factory for free, but a word of warning - this building is massive, taking up a very large portion of a single expansion in your town. You'll need to spend 10 energy to get the base of the Factory into your town, and afterwards will have to gather a variety of new items to actually make it operational.

Meet us behind the break for more on factories, and the quests that accompany them.The first quest in the City of Industry line has you simply placing and building your Factory from your inventory. Again, you'll need to whack the frame ten times to build the Factory building, and then you'll need to collect a whopping 50 items with the help of friends - all of which are new to the game.

These 50 items come in five different varieties - 10 each of Hard Hats, Lunch Boxes, Robotic Arms, Safety Goggles, and Work Uniforms. You'll be able to purchase a single item for 2 City Cash, or click on the "Ask Friends" button to send individual gift requests to your CityVille neighbors in the hopes that they'll send you these items.

Once built, you'll unlock the second quest, called "Get Things Rolling." You'll need to supply a business with Premium Goods (created in the Factory), and then collect Premium Goods from your Factory. Premium Goods themselves are, of course, created in the factory, and once you complete its construction, you'll see that your Goods bar will change from one single bar to two - one representing the normal Goods, the other representing Premium Goods.

When you click on your factory, you'll be able to schedule jobs just as you schedule shipments down at the dock, by choosing from a series of templates. Different jobs cost different amounts of coins, and take longer to complete, but produce more Goods in the process.

Each job has a minimum amount of Premium Goods that can be produced, however, you can increase this number greatly by hiring workers for a shift in your Factory. You can only hire each friend once per day, by clicking on the "Hire Friends" button and then inviting your friends to come help you. In the case of the "Chill Charles" job, for instance (pictured), you can invite six friends to help you, each of which adds 25 Premium Goods to the production total. If you choose not to invite friends, you'll still produce the guaranteed minimum of 25 Premium Goods. Goods will luckily never spoil, no matter how long it takes you to come back to collect them.

When you have both kinds of Goods in your possession, and you stock Businesses, your Premium Goods will automatically be used first, resulting in a higher payout for that Business the next time you collect from it. After that, regular Goods will be used as normal. Don't worry about wasting these Premium Goods either, as you'll only use regular Goods when supplying franchises and sending trains - those two features remain unchanged.

As of this writing, there is no way to expand the amount of Premium Goods you can store, and if you delete your Factory from your town, it will pop back into your inventory. However, replacing the Factory in your town will result in your having to build it all over again, so only store this building if absolutely necessary.

This is a pretty hefty new feature in the game, and we wouldn't be surprised if Zynga had to tweak things along the way, but for now, make sure to head into your town soon to start taking advantage of your new money-making potential.

[Chill Charles Image Credit: Zynga]

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What do you think of the Factory feature? Is it everything you were expecting, or does it let you down in some way? Let us know in the comments.
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