New CityVille Residences: Spring Bungalow, Bay Point Duplex, Parkside Villa & More

If you're like me, you might have grown (really) tired with the current, relatively small selection of residential buildings available to build in your town in CityVille. After all, with so many quests asking us to add new members of the population to our cities, it's not uncommon to find ten or more of the exact same house lined up in a single line, as that's the only way to quickly add citizens to your town without taking up all of your free land.

Luckily, we finally been given some new variety in terms of housing, however, as there are four new residential buildings now available to build from the store. While these four buildings are split 50/50 in terms of price range, all four come with some very nice stats, relative to their footprint (size of their base) in your town; that is, you can add a lot of citizens to your town without taking up much room.

The two cheaper options are the Spring Bungalow, at 9,000 coins, and the Bay Point Duplex, which costs 30,000 coins. These buildings will add 130 and 230 citizens, respectively, to your town. The Spring Bungalow produces 72 coins in rent every two hours, while the Bay Point Duplex gives off 102 coins every four hours.