Madonna's Fitness Centers Create Jobs in Russia and Mexico, But Not in U.S.

job interview The locations of Madonna's new, super-luxurious Hard Candy Fitness Centers indicate she's not so sweet on America. She has just announced her second upscale gym -- in St. Petersburg, Russia, of all places -- and while she's considering various cities across the globe for her next move, none is located in the United States.

The Hard Candy Fitness Center in St. Petersburg, an elaborately designed 52,000-square-foot space in the center of the city, is projected to open in mid-2011, according to Madonna's business partner Mark Mastrov, chairman of New Evolution Ventures. The announcement of this latest facility follows the recent opening of the Mexico City Hard Candy Fitness and confirmation of plans for a Hard Candy Fitness Center in Moscow.

The partners are also exploring options of building additional Hard Candy locations in Italy, United Kingdom, France, Australia, Argentina, and Brazil. They're even considering Canada as a location for one of the facilities, but that's about as close as they've announced to coming to the United States.

The chic fitness facilities offer members state-of-the-art equipment, exclusive curriculum, a mind body studio, the Great Wall, sculpting, barre3, a bike studio, capoeira, the newest trends in yoga, a juice bar/cafe and lavish locker rooms. These fitness centers could add hundreds of jobs to the local economies, when you add construction and maintenance into the mix.

So why St. Petersburg? "St Petersburg, Russia was one of the most magical nights on my 'Sticky & Sweet' Tour and I'm thrilled that we've found the perfect location and ideal environment there," commented Madonna. She's also partnering with Irina Razumova, founder of the well-known Russian chain Planet Fitness, on all Russian locations.

"The early success of the first Hard Candy Fitness Center in Mexico City -- where Madonna taught a dance class to members at the opening -- has inspired us all to create similar facilities and seek out local partnerships around the globe which embody Madonna's workout philosophy," commented Mastrov.

Though there are no immediate plans or even references to developing a Hard Candy Fitness Center in the land of the free, it appears they haven't ruled out an American version entirely. "Fans" can vote for their "dream location" on a specially dedicated website, where hundreds of other countries and cities are also up for consideration.

At least Madonna's partners in New Evolution Ventures are based in Northern California.

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