FarmVille: Zynga boosts News Feed collection limit to 200


After releasing a new item collection limit in FarmVille to stop those players who choose to use automatic bonus collection applications, Zynga faced a lot of heat from its userbase, with both players that use said automatic collectors, and even those that don't, stating that the limit simply wasn't fair. The general consensus was: Why punish the entire group for the acts of just a few? This was only exacerbated by the fact that a new throttle was also introduced, slowing all players (even those who were playing the game entirely on their own) in their bonus collection, so that we now have to wait a few seconds before collecting another item, for fear of being hit with the throttle for the rest of the day (which slows you down even further, potentially causing you to miss free items altogether).

At the time, the item limit was placed at 125 items per day, but due to player suggestions ("outrage" seems like a more appropriate word), Zynga has announced a change to the limit on the official FarmVille forums, to increase the number of bonuses players can claim each day. No, this doesn't get rid of the limit entirely, but we are now able to claim 200 items, rather than the original 125.

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