FarmVille Leprechaun Cottage: Everything you need to know

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For some time now, we've been bringing you FarmVille sneak peeks of the new St. Patrick's Day Leprechaun's Cottage / treehouse that was then just an unreleased set of images. Via tonight's FarmVille update, however, the Leprechaun's Cottage became a reality as the building is now available to build on your farm!

As we expected, this building will function in a manner comparable to that of the Haunted House or the Cupid's Castle, from the Halloween and Valentine's Day events, respectively. That is, the Cottage will start at one size, and can then be upgraded three more times, each time causing the Cottage to become larger and more elaborate, changing from a simple cottage sitting on the ground to one perched high in a tree, surrounded mostly by the treetop. The larger your Leprechaun Cottage, the more Gold you'll be able to collect from the building each day, with that Gold presumably being used in a Pot of Gold that has yet to be released. As such, a completed Leprechaun Cottage won't give off Gold just yet, but that doesn't mean you can't have a head start in building the Cottage to completion!The first stage of construction on the Leprechaun's Cottage will require just four each of Bricks, Nails, and Wooden Boards. You'll start with one ingredient for free, so you should be able to blow through this stage fairly quickly. As you move to the next stage, you'll need 16 of each item.

The final stage of the Leprechaun Cottage requires more parts still, at 30 of each of these items. As you add building materials to your Cottage, you'll be able to share free Bricks, Nails, and Wooden Boards at various stages - either when completing the collection of a particular ingredient in full, or when reaching the halfway point of an expansion, and so on.

As for collecting the building materials themselves, remember that you have quite a few ways to go about that. You can either click on the "Ask for More" button associated with any ingredient to send out individual gift requests to your friends, asking them to send you the parts you need, or you can simply purchase them outright for 1 Farm Cash each. You can also open Special Delivery Boxes to receive the ingredients you need for free, or you can initiate the sending of these items from the free gifts page, in the hopes that your friend(s) reciprocate. Finally, always remember that your friends will likely be posting tons of these ingredients for free on their wall as they build their own Cottages, so you should feel free to take advantage of that generosity.

It should be noted that if you don't like the massive size of the Leprechaun Cottage, or simply want to store it until the Pot of Gold has been released (thus giving the building an actual purpose), Zynga has built the ability to store the item in already, so you won't have to wait to do so (unlike with such buildings in the past).

All told, building the Leprechaun Cottage should at least give you something to work on for a little while, while waiting for the rest of the St. Patrick's Day theme to hit FarmVille in full. Or, it should least give you a way to clear out your excess of Special Delivery boxes, if you've been hanging onto them for such a purpose.

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What do you think of the Leprechaun's Cottage? Do you think the building is an appropriate fit for St. Patrick's Day? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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