FarmVille: Free Sheep from English Special Delivery


If you've been anxiously awaiting the Sheep Pen in FarmVille as much as I have, you'll be happy to know that the Sheep Pen looks to be a building that we'll be able to access in the English Countryside Expansion. Check your farm this evening and you'll see the English Delivery Sheep once again on-hand with a free prize, and some more info about this upcoming feature.

A new in-game character named Angus is apparently a master at breeding sheep - sheep of all sorts of different colors! As an introduction, you'll receive a free Sheep that you can use on your farm right away, along with sharing a free sheep with your friends on your news feed. Angus tells us that we'll be able to breed sheep in the future as well, and that we'll apparently be able to create our own color varieties, depending on which sheep we breed. In the picture above, we can see not only a plain pink sheep, but also blue and pink polka dotted sheep as well.

If you're like me, you'll likely be very excited by this news, especially if you like collecting one of everything in the game, as this seems like it might be a feature that we'll be able to spend a lot of time with, until we have bred every color sheep imaginable (or at least those combinations that the game allows).

Make sure you login to your farm soon to claim your new sheep!

While we're waiting for the English Countryside to launch in full, let us know what you think of the possibility of multi-colored, customizable sheep in the comments. Which color sheep would you make first?

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