Delta Plane Blows Engine On Cayman Runway

delta engine grand cayman plane

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An Atlanta-bound Delta airplane blew an engine during takeoff in Grand Cayman yesterday, scattering parts and forcing the temporary closing of a runway at Owens Roberts International Airport.

It's the second engine failure within a week experienced by a Delta plane, the other incident happening in the skies above Fort Lauderdale. No one was injured in either incident.

In Grand Cayman, the MD-88, with 138 passengers and five crew members onboard, aborted takeoff, Delta confirms.

"While taxiing for takeoff, the captain of Flight 352 executed a low speed rejected takeoff after receiving an indicator warning on his right (No. 2) engine. The aircraft stopped without incident, returned to the gate, and the flight was canceled," Delta spokesman Anthony Black tells AOL Travel News. "An initial inspection revealed internal damage to the engine."

Passenger Kristen Kipp tells Cayman27 the plane had just started taxiing when the engine blew.

"We just started going on the runway, a little bit of noise from the wheels, and then about 30 seconds in I heard a pop. It sounded like a blown tire, maybe. And then the captain came on the mic maybe like five minutes later and said an engine blew," Kipp says.

She adds passengers remained relatively calm.

On Sunday, a Minneapolis-bound Delta 737-800 plane failed on takeoff from Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport in Florida, shredding small parts, and forcing the aircraft to make an emergency landing. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) says the engine experienced a "contained" failure with parts flying out the back.

The runway in Grand Cayman was closed for nearly four hours yesterday because of scattered engine parts, according to spokeswoman Caren Thompson-Palacio.

"A runway inspection was carried out by airport operations which found foreign object debris scattered over 1,500 feet of the runway. A decision was made to close the runway until it was deemed safe for operations," Thompson-Palacio tells AOL Travel News.

Passengers on the disabled plane were bused to hotels for the night. They were scheduled to board another aircraft for the flight to Atlanta today.

Black says the damaged engine will be shipped to Delta for inspection.

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