CityVille Suitable for Edgar Quest: Everything you need to know


As we told you earlier today, Zynga has launched a new quest set in CityVille surrounding Ruth and Edgar, along with Ruth's dear pigeons! While the first quest had us helping to prepare a meal for Ruth and Edgar, this second quest, called Suitable for Edgar, will have you helping Edgar find "parking for his expensive car."

You'll only be able to complete this quest after completing the "Edgar & Ruth Dine" quest, so make sure to take a look at our complete guide to finishing that quest if you need help. You'll need to be level 13 to access both of these quests in your game (they simply won't appear for you until that time). To complete this quest for Edgar, you'll need to ask your friends to send you 6 Coupons, by clicking on the "Ask your Friends" button and then posting a general news item on your feed asking for help.

The other two tasks in this quest involve new items that have recently been added to the game. The first is the Department Store, which is the prize for completing the Edgar & Ruth Dine quest. You'll still need to purchase this building from the store for 8,000 coins, but you won't be able to add one to your town until you unlock it at the end of said quest. Once you build the Department Store, you'll need to collect profits from it three times. It takes 135 Goods to stock the Department Store.

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