CityVille Edgar & Ruth Dine Quest: Everything you need to know

To go along with the release of the new Tofu Burger and City Supermarket businesses in CityVille, Zynga has released a new quest called "Edgar & Ruth Dine." You might remember Ruth for her love of pigeons and purple bandana, and she's back again to ask you for some help (you must be at least level 13 to receive this quest). This quest has three steps to complete, which will cost you a bit of money, time, energy, and even require some help from friends.

You'll need to build both a City Supermarket in your town, and a Tofu Burger Joint as two of the tasks, with the Tofu Burger tasks specifically being to collect from the business five times. As we told you before, the Tofu Burger must be stocked with 125 Goods, and costs 5,000 coins to build from the store. Meanwhile, the City Supermarket costs 5,750 coins, and requires 130 Goods to stock.

Both of these buildings will take a few energy each to build, along with some of your own money (of course), but if you'd rather save your coins, you can also take advantage of other users who happen to have the Tofu Burger restaurant or City Supermarket as franchises. If they place these buildings into you town on Building Lots, you could collect from the Tofu Burger join as same as you could one that you personally built, and your friend will get something out of in the process - it's like taking care of two things at once!
As for the final task, you'll need to ask friends for 7 Bird Seed, which makes sense, as Ruth wants her pigeons to have a lovely dinner as well, just as she and Edgar are going to. You'll be able to gather Bird Seed by posting a general news item to your wall, asking your friends to send you a single packet of seed. Luckily, from our experience, this mission doesn't seem to be bugged as many other are, as you'll actually receive all of the Bird Seed you're sent, rather than it floating off into the dark recesses of the internet, never to be seen or heard from again.

The reward for this mission is definitely worth the work of completing these three tasks, as you'll unlock the CityVille Department Store, which you can already see as "locked" under the Businesses section of the store. There, you'll see a preview of this tall building, which will require you to spend 8,000 coins to build. From there, it taked 135 Goods to stock, and you'll receive 588 coins in earnings each time those Goods are spent.

We expect this to be the first in a line of new quests in the game, and we'll make sure to let you know if and when more quests are indeed released, so keep checking back. It turns out we were right - there is a new quest available in this line, so make sure to check out our complete guide to the "Suitable for Edgar" quest here.

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Let us know what you think of this new quest in the comments - do you appreciate quests that ask you to build specific items, or would you rather add businesses to your town at a more casual pace?
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