Charlie Sheen Pals Say 'Back Out of Home Purchase'

Charlie sheen
Charlie sheen

Charlie Sheen reportedly has a signed sale agreement to purchase a multimillion dollar house just a few doors down from his current place, but the people around him want him to back out of the deal that the actor hopes would move his twins and his soon-to-be ex wife Brooke Mueller, pictured with Sheen in 2009 at left, closer.

Sheen made a $6.75 million offer on the mansion, reported TMZ. If the deal goes through and Mueller, who is a real estate investor, decides to take the now-out-of-work star of the TV series Two and a Half Men up on his offer, there are a few conditions she should put on the deal, as AOL Real Estate reported earlier this week.

But the deal with Mueller, who entered an agreement indicated in their court-approved divorce papers to not take spousal maintenance in exchange for $55,000 per month child support, is not the one the 45-year-old party-hardy actor should worry about right now. Nor is the home he is still trying to sell.