'Cash Rebate Card' Text Messages Too Good to Be True, Says BBB

cell phone scam text messageTechnology is giving scam artists new ways to target consumers. This time, it's fake rebate cards offered through text messages.

A Texas resident received a text message saying "You have been chosen to receive a $100 cash rebate card" and given a phone number to call.Officials at the Better Business Bureau in Texas called the number, which turned out to be a Las Vegas company called "New Line Awards." They said that the consumer won a certificate as part of the company's "consumer stimulus plan." The company representative said that people who received the text messages had done business with Target and Walmart.

But in order to receive the rebate, people would have to hand over their name, address and credit card in order to pay a $4.95 shipping fee.

That's a red flag to Better Business Bureau officials, who say those fees often turn into a monthly service that's nearly impossible to cancel.

"This is not the kind of deal you are looking for," officials said in a statement sent to warn consumers.

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